Making Mistakes is….OK

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Humans have learned only through mistakes. The billions of humans in history have had to make quadrillions of mistakes to have arrived at the state where we now have 150,000 words to identify that many unique and only metaphysically comprehensible nuances of experience.

Chagrin and mortification caused by their progressively self-discovered quadrillions of errors would long ago have given humanity such an inferiority complex that it would have become too discouraged to continue with the life experience.


To avoid such a proclivity, humans were designedly given pride, vanity and inventive memory, which, all together, can and usually do incline us to self-deception.

…So effective has been the non-thinking, group deceit of humanity that it now says, “Nobody should make mistakes,” and punishes people for making mistakes.

…The courage to adhere to the truth as we learned it involves, then, the courage to face ourselves, with the clear admission of all the mistakes we have made ~ mistakes are sins only when not admitted.

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