Make Smarter Health Choices NOW

Hello there,

It’s Helen with this message.

Where possible, practise holistic health. Sometimes, it’s not
possible. However, MOST times, it is. There are some things that
we can be more lax and lenient with, and some we cannot.
Where you health is concerned, it is a BIG ‘CANNOT’.

I feel that each and every one of us must open his/her eyes to see
that we must wake up and start taking PERSONAL responsibility
for our health and that of those under our care.

This involves educating ourselves and then making informed choices
that best fit us as a whole person in all aspects.

Many people are suffering, or dying, in pain and agony, often more
than is really necessary. Most times, what hurts more than the
physical pain is the mental and emotional anguish of everyone
concerned – the sufferers AND also the people who love and care for

Don’t let this happen to you or yours. Take charge now.

Join me and many others here below:

Keep well!



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