InspirationsHi there, Welcome!

I’m Helen and this is my presence in the online world.

I have a great dog named Lucky. He’s a Shih-Tzu and quite bad-tempered, but I still love him to bits.

My favourite drinks are fresh, young coconut juice and chilled, crisp, dry Pouilly Fume (and most of the Loire wines) and my favorite cuisines are Fusion, Thai, French and Good (food).

I can’t keep still and need to travel constantly – you see, I have my Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus.

I enjoy books, theatre, dining out,(sometimes) cooking, astrology and playing the piano.

I love the holistic health scene, and am a trained naturopath and herbalist. You can join me and others here .

Here’s my gift to you: Uplifting Inspirations for good days, better days and not-so-good days!
Let’s all strive to live an inspiring life. For, at the end of the day, we are all the same…we want to love and be loved, we want to belong, we want to be happy, we want to care…

living an inspired life




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 Welcome to the world of inspired living!
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